Brass Window Squeegee Channel and Rubber - 14in

Extra-stiff, tempered brass channel is light to use and comes with rubber replacement blade secured by a clip at either end to help prevent slipping and stretching.
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  • Description
    The best choice in a window squeegee tool, this extra-stiff, solid, yet light weight, brass channel with rubber are the perfect balance and weight for precision window cleaning.
    The replaceable soft rubber blade is flexible to conform to the window glass and has adjustable tension. The quality rubber adheres to the glass eliminating any streaks when used properly. Blade is secured by a clip at either end, preventing it from stretching or slipping and permits easy replacement.
    Channel easily locks and is secured onto #9207 Brass Handle by two (2) screws.
    The professional’s choice in window squeegees you will not be disappointed and enjoy use for many years to come.
  • Product Tips
    • 1
      Turn rubber blade over as it becomes worn.
    • 2
      Replace rubber when both sides have worn out.
    • 3
      Keep extra rubbers on hand in case of unexpected damage.
    • 4
      Use a good quality squeegee as this is the most important tool when cleaning windows and key to the end result.
    • 5
      Store blade making sure nothing is touching to damage it.
  • Instructions
    Always place wet floor signs in appropriate areas.
    Affixing handle
    1. Loosen screws on handle.
    2. Slide channel through handle.
    3. Tighten screws so channel is secure.

    Changing or Replacing Blade
    1. Grab an end of rubber blade and stretch until metal clip is exposed.
    2. Slide the clip off.
    3. Slide the blade out the opposite end of the channel.
    4. Dispose.
    5. Install new blade by sliding into brass channel.
    6. Stretch it and install metal clip.
    7. If necessary, cut blade to leave 1/8 to – 3/16”, protruding from the channel.
  • Specifications
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    SKU 9205
    Country of Manufacture
    Case Quantity 10
    Colour Black
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