WaveBrake® Down Press Bucket & Wringer - Yellow 35 QT

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Handle any mopping job with ease and efficiency with WaveBrake® technology. Built to last, the bucket is constructed with durable plastic and a sturdy steel handle with comfort grip for lasting performance.
  • Description
    The innovative bucket shape with patent-pending molded-in wave brakes and rounded edges reduces splashing by up to 40% for safer mopping.
    Premium tubular steel and structural web molded plastic delivers a durable mopping kit that can tackle the largest and toughest commercial cleaning jobs.
    Large 35 qt. capacity helps reduce added trips for more water when mopping the same area.
    When filling the bucket, it’s recommended to fill only 2/3 of the way to help prevent overflow once the mop is placed in. Graduated marks will help control the fill level and measure fluids to make it easier for the operator.
    Mobility is easy with the WaveBrake’s non-marking casters that move the bucket quietly and easily.
    WaveBrake’s high efficiency wringer has 30” handle bend that is ergonomically designed to be easier on user’s wrists and shoulders. The firm comfortable grip allows you to push the handle forward to wring out mops. The downpress design is made from structural web molded plastic delivering durability and is proven to outlast comparative wringers 58 times longer.
    Average wringers perform approximately 860 cycles while the WaveBrake® Downpress is tested to exceed 50,000 wringing cycles. This is important when also taken in consideration that the wringer presses water down into bucket 30% more efficiently than its counterpart, the side press.
    Traditionally, wringers release dirty water back into the primary cleaning water. An optional Dirty Water Bucket (#9C74) is available that nests below the WaveBrake® wringer to collect the dirty water and keep it separate from the cleaning solution. This preserves the quality REDUCES UP TO 40% SPLASHING FOR A SAFER ENVIRONMENT, CLEANER FLOOR AND IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY and cleaning power of cleaning solution, so less solution is needed. It isolates dirty water for reduced risk of cross contamination and helps produce cleaner, less slippery floors It also divides liquid weight requiring less lifting power when emptying buckets that helps reduce worker strain.
  • Product Tips
    • 1
      Always rinse out and wipe exterior of mop bucket after each use.
    • 2
      Do not leave dirty water sitting in bucket when not in use.
  • Specifications
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