Swish Winterinse Winter Floor Cleaner

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This concentrated cleaner is effective for demineralizing and removing salt deposits to reduce floor damage and slip and fall risks. Ideal for a range of hard flooring and carpets, this safe, no-rinse formula is your winter weather solution for bright, film-free floors.
  • Description
    Medical costs and workers’ compensation expenses can reach upwards of $70 billion on an anual basis, according to the National Safety Council. A considerable percentage of these costs are the result of slips and falls in the workplace. Risk of slips and falls increases during the winter months when salt and de-icers create slippery films that are dangerous for employees and damaging to floors. Neutralizing and removing ?winter chemical buildup helps to reduce the risk of slip and fall and prolong the life of your floor finish and matting. Concentrated for light, medium and heavy soils, this high performance, no-rinse, labor-saving cleaner is excellent for a range of floors and carpets.

    • Designed to neutralize and remove ice melting chemical buildup on floors and carpets
    • Exceptional carpet extraction cleaner
    • Reduces labour costs and slip hazards
    • Demineralizes salt deposits
    • Safely remove slippery white film that increases health and safety risks
    • Use on all hard floors, entrance matting and most carpets
    • Works great on tile, terrazzo, granite, marble, sheet vinyl, epoxy, and stone floors
    • Simple mop on and mop off application
    • Breaks down bond between surface and salt to remove film and neutralize alkaline
    • For daily routine cleaning on floors or carpets
  • Product Tips
    • 1
      Stronger dilutions can leave dirt attracting residue.
    • 2
      Failure to change dirty water causes redistribution of soil.
    • 3
      Mops not wrung out completely can transfer soil and make them inefficient.
    • 4
      Always use wet floor signs to protect employees, patrons and yourself.
    • 5
      Twisting upper body or reaching too far when mopping can cause strain or injury affecting employee wellness.
    • 6
      Always wash out mop and hang to dry when cleaning is finished. Failure to do so
    • 7
      Do not leave mop handle sticking out of mop bucket as it can cause a hazard.
  • Instructions
    1. Place wet floor signs.
    2. Dry mop floor to remove loose soil.
    3. For matting, carpets or car interiors use wet vac to remove loose soil.
    4. Mix solution with cold water as recommended below.
    5. Apply with damp mop, auto scrubber or extractor.
    6. Change water as it becomes soiled.
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