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Are you ready for the flu season?

Infection Outbreak can be a costly situation for anyone. Implementing a disinfection application, as simple as spray & wipe, can become a beneficial step to prevent absenteeism costs due to illness.

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Hand Hygiene

When employees are sick, they either take time off or expose your workplace to their germs. Neither scenario lets you run an effective, productive workforce. Improving hand hygiene can help you maintain a healthy workplace.

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Hand Sanitizer
Hand Soap

Restore your winter worn floors!

Save on specially formulated solutions designed to lower floor care costs, reduce slip & fall risks, prolong the life of your floor and improve your overall facility image!

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The right tools prevent Cross-contamination

Finding the right cleaning tools for application is as important as the cleaning solutions you used. Try the Wavebrake bucket system as it prevents cross-contamination upon application.

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Protect yourself from infection

Save on a variety of gloves, suited to your sensitivities. Prevent yourself from becoming infected in infectious surroundings when cleaning.

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