Ice Melt Spreader with Pneumatic Wheels

Push Pneumatic Spreader has rugged pneumatic tires to make this broadcast spreader remarkably easy to use, regardless of the terrain. The 10” tires feature deep treads, high flotation, and rustproof poly rims, to allow for effective use on uneven ground and through snow and ice. Optional rain cover (77003) sold separately.
  • Description
    Applying ice melt or fertilizer manually, straight from the bag, presents a variety of problems and complications. Manual application or ice melt tends to result in overuse and unnecessary wastage, increasing maintenance costs. It can also cause injury from needless lifting and bending, or increasing slip and fall risks due to uneven application. The Push Pneumatic Spreader offers an ergonomically safe and even delivery system for ice melt and fertilizer.

    • Safe and even distribution method for ice melt and fertilizer
    • Heavy-duty polyethylene hopper holds up to 80 lbs. (36 kg)
    • Commercial-quality gearbox with durable, enclosed gears for adjustable spread pattern
    • Features 10" pneumatic tires on rustproof poly rims for maneuverability
    • Regulated distribution cuts down on waste bare patches
    • Excellent ice melt spreader for commercial and industrial buildings
    • Great for garden and lawn seeding and fertilizing
    • 3-hole drop system allows for balanced spreading
    • Convenient control, operation, and storage
    • Large, durable hopper and pneumatic tires make it excellent for all-season use
  • Product Tips
    • 1
      Purchase good quality ice melter or lawn care products for broadcasting. It will save you money as you will use less.
    • 2
      More is not always better. Apply only recommended amount.
    • 3
      Clean out after each use as some fertilizers can cause corrosion however generally the spreader can withstand.
  • Instructions
    1. Make certain the flow lever is closed prior to filling.
    2. Place spreader over pavement to fill. Lawn products applied to heavily from spilling
    can damage grass.
    3. Sweep up any spilled product (applies to lawn care products).
    4. Adjust selector to recommended setting as per product instructions.
    5. Start applying and be sure to maintain your pace for even distribution.
    6. Take caution if walking on ice.
  • Specifications
    More Information
    Country of ManufactureCanada

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