Enviro-Solutions® ES72 Hydrogen Peroxide Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Safer, low VOC's, multi-purpose cleaner with biodegradable surfactants enhanced with the power of hydrogen peroxide. Cleans and deodorizes in 1step. Multiple cleaning applications makes ES72 very economical.

  • Description

    Recommended for use in a dual dispensing system (ES662 Blendsafe II Wall Mounted Dispenser) with ES64 or ES364 or on its own with mop and bucket, trigger sprayer, sponge soaking or in auto scrubber.

    •  ECOLOGO certified, safer multi-purpose cleaner • Non-corrosive • Non-flammable • Non-toxic according to WHMIS regulations • Low aquatic toxicity at use dilution • All organic cleaning ingredients are readily biodegradable per OECD Test 301D

    • Effective for the entire range of janitorial cleaning tasks • Only 1 product to use • Works well on glass, floors, walls, carpets and rugs, desks, chairs • Removes grout, mold, mildew, soap scum  Powerful at odour destruction

    Light duty glass and surface cleaning | Dilution 1:128 (1 oz/gal or 8 ml/L) • Glass, plastic, laminates, trim, walls, partitions • Effective in mopping, auto-scrubbing, carpet extraction.

    Medium duty soiled surfaces cleaning | Dilution 1:32 (4 oz/gal or 32 ml/L) • For hand cleaning of porcelain, stainless, chrome, desks, counters and other surfaces • Very effective carpet pre-treat for traffic areas

    Heavy duty spots and stains removal | Dilution 1:10 (12 oz/gal or 100 ml/L) • For the toughest removal of soap scum and hard water stains • Will remove most ink and marker stains from walls and desks • Effective on carpets for removing red wine and juice spots • Removes blood stains easily

    • Super heavy duty (24 to 48 oz./US gal. or 190-380 ml/L) • For renovation of tile and grout surfaces • Removes scuff marks and stubborn stains • Cleans old and heavy mold and mildew stains • Effectively destructs odour from urine and garbage

  • Product Tips
    • 1
      Place wet floor signs in the appropriate areas to alert patrons.
    • 2
      Always pretest small area for colour fastness.
    • 3
      Always read the label before starting.
    • 4
      Use the appropriate dilution for the type of surface to be treated.
    • 5
      Works in cold water.
  • Instructions

    Use the appropriate cleaning solution for the type of surface to be treated. 

    • Light Duty Dilutions for Glass and Surface Cleaning 1:128 (1 oz/gal or 8 ml/L) 

    • Medium Duty Dilution for Cleaning Soiled Surfaces 1:32 (4 oz/gal or 32 ml/L) 

    • Heavy Duty Dilution for Spots and Stains Removal 1:10 (12 oz/gal or 100 ml/L) 

    • Super Heavy Duty Dilution (24 to 48 oz./US gal. or 190-380 ml/L) 

    Can be used with mop and bucket, trigger sprayer, sponge soaking or in auto scrubber.

    Thoroughly clean the surface and allow to air dry.

    Refer to label for complete instructions, dilution, safety requirements and kill claims.

    Use with ES64 or ES364 in a dual dispensing system (ES-662 Blendsafe II Wall Mounted Dispenser), to clean and disinfect 95% of your facility with just 2 products.

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